Our mission is to empower users with accurate and reliable medical insights, making informed healthcare decisions more accessible and user-friendly. With the power of artificial intelligence, we strive to improve the overall healthcare experience, bridging knowledge gaps, and ensuring a healthier, informed global community.


Our Healthcare Services

Smart Medical Advisor

AI service helps patients understand medical analyses and symptoms, offering confidential, precise, and user-friendly information.

Medical Image Analysis

utilizes AI to aid doctors in analyzing medical images, improving diagnosis speed and accuracy.

Medical Knowledge Base

vast medical information repository for healthcare professionals and patients, improving decision-making.


Why Choose Us?

Wareed sets a remarkable standard in the healthcare industry. Its dedication to patient education and the precision of its Smart Medical Advisor is a testament to its commitment to enhancing the healthcare experience.


Extensive medical knowledge.


Convenient healthcare access.


Precise medical guidance.


What Our Patient Say About Us

"I can't thank Wareed enough for its contribution to my healthcare knowledge. The user-friendly platform and extensive medical database have truly transformed the way I approach my health, making informed decisions easier and more accessible."
Afrah Alrashidi
Interior Designer
"Wareed's commitment to bridging the healthcare knowledge gap is commendable. The Telehealth and Remote Consultation Service has been a lifeline, offering timely and convenient access to healthcare professionals when I need it most. This platform is a game-changer, and I'm grateful for the difference it has made in my healthcare journey."
Ayman Qahmash
Assistant Professor
"Wareed has been a game-changer in my healthcare journey. The personalized guidance and wealth of information provided by the Smart Medical Advisor have made a world of difference in my understanding of medical conditions and treatment options."
Business Developer